Gardeners Leave / Absenteeism Verification

On occasions an employee leaving a job is instructed to stay away from work during their notice period. This is known as ‘gardening leave’, and is often used to prevent employees from taking sensitive company information, when they leave their current employer, especially if it is a disgruntled termination of contract, or they are leaving to join a competitor, or setting up their own business.

Evidence of this malpractice can prove crucial in obtaining a Court Order or Injunction enforcing the terms of contract.

Southdowns Investigations could undertake an enquiry into a person’s circumstances or means testing. Background enquiries combined with covert surveillance techniques will identify an individual’s private, work and financial status and evidence obtained could be used in any legal proceedings.

There may also be occasions when an employee claims absence from work that arouses suspicions. We are able to deploy the necessary surveillance to refute or confirm this claim.

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